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Through our collaboration with XH-Consult we can propose you all the trainings proposed by DevOps Institute. but also Consultancy to help & support you in your transformation to a Software factory that proposes Continuous Integration (CI) & CD (Continuous Deployment).


Beyond the ususal trainings but specific to the DevOps Institute, such as :

We can also propose your Organization more advanced trainings such as :

The trainings

DevOps Leader (DOL®)

In a few words ...

It is first and foremost a training providing tools & Leadership practices. These tools are placed in the context of the transformation of a Software factory towards an Organization where Continuous Integration (up to Continuous Deployment) are among the objectives to reach a greater velocity to release software and a greater efficiency.

In practice

DevOps Foundation (DOFD®)

In a few words

This training presents the concepts & the wording that support the DevOps Culture.

By presenting practical examples, this training shows the advantages & benefits from a DevOps culture within an Organisation.

In practice

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